Retromania in book art!

Retromania in book art!

Incredulous perception of a past fixation of book art.
What place does contemporary literature, the poetry of this time, have in contemporary book art?

Book art, like every form of art, is oriented towards the past and thus develops the present, paving the way for the future. At least that is the ideal.

How does the book art collector behave? Why does he so rarely build up his collection outside the mainstream? Investment or idealism - which does he choose? Literature, poetry not from the mass production of the past, but from today. How lively could such a collection be, - look, - present itself?

Demand and supply are the rules of the market. Especially for book artists, it is a great, often incalculable risk to publish a contemporary poet. In many cases, not insignificant production costs have to be advanced.

Again and again, artists who produce artist's books find themselves in this situation; they have a current poet, but no one wants to "have" him - because the good old ones, the classics, for whatever reason, are in popular demand. As is well known, the market is geared to demand. Are they really aware of this as collectors in the field of book art?

He who sows classics will reap classics, although there are contemporary poets who have a lot to say.

Treat yourself to a bookart adventure tour. Get off the old beaten track, start a real voyage of discovery in the book art thicket of the artistic leaf forest. Go on a real hunt for things unknown to you. Become an explorer, where can you still experience that today?

You know that inner tremor when you cross the wilds of an artistic book that is different from anything you have perceived before. Carry this rare creature, this rarity, their hunting luck, home to them. Tell your family, your friends around the fireplace how you managed to stalk this piece, let them all share in your adventures that you happily experienced. Present their trophy to their collection, Fortuna was kind to them today. Enjoy the cool of the night after such a long fulfilling day.

Book art is only contemporary if it is oriented towards the present and does not lose sight of what is to come. But truly contemporary book art will only be able to exist if there are collectors who are prepared to leave the safe paths and, if they so wish, make an investment in the future of book art.

Book art is adventure!

Book art is the present!

Book art has a future

Gerd J. Wunderer