Contemporary book art

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Contemporary book art

Monks created uniquely beautiful works of medieval book art behind monastery walls. However, the feeling for colour and design, for type, haptics and optics that developed in book art at that time has never been lost.

Artists of all epochs have been inspired again and again by the book as a vehicle for art in many ways. Book artists take up the thoughts of the ancients in a completely different way, thus creating brilliant contemporary book art even today.

Contemporary book art is an art form that is currently still collected by a few. Why not venture to this website and let yourself be inspired by the material diversity and artistic expressiveness of this old and yet so new art form.

Do you want to experience this special feeling "up close", to hold a book-artistic work in your own hands?

Would you like to feel the excitement of opening such a book and make your way through it together with the artist?

Then why not visit one of the various book art events?

This is where bibliophiles of all ages meet, where lively intellectual exchange takes place with visitors, collectors and the book artists. You can experience poetry and literature on a very special level. Discover contemporary book art for yourself.

Gerd J. Wunderer