Book art, an art full of dynamism.

Book art, the artist's book, an art form full of dynamism.

A picture shows the end product of a sequence of developments. As effective as the picture may be, a painting is static. The viewer perceives what moves him in the work at hand. Often, the thoughts and feelings of the artist are no longer, or only with difficulty, comprehensible.

In book art, on the other hand, the situation is fundamentally different. Here, too, images are visible, but they are often juxtaposed with a literary context. Independent of the literary context is the visible development within a book, which can be read from the sequence of pages. Page by page, the style of the writing, the ornamentation or the illustration changes. Sometimes even the feel of the different pages. With a book, similar to a sculpture, a holistic sensory experience is possible. Although a book is also static at first glance, when you leaf through it, it develops a dynamic that should not be underestimated, literarily, visually, haptically and acoustically. Hardly any other work of art offers such a breadth of perceptual possibilities as the book in contemporary book art.

Let yourself be transformed by the diversity of impressions, open your senses and absorb art in a unique way. This is the only way to open up book art.

What is more beautiful than sitting in an armchair in the evening after work, having a deep spiritual experience with a book art work.

Book art changes your perception!

Gerd J. Wunderer