Book art a niche product in art?

Book art a niche product in art?

Who actually determines what art is, what, where the mainstream is, who, what is avant-garde right now? Worldwide, there are very few galleries that tell us what is hype at the moment.

Why do we as book artists allow ourselves to be placed in an art niche? Are we really the exotics in art, working partly for the library or yet for the gallery? Can we not be separated, not demarcated?

Sure, book art is multi-pronged, but primarily book art is art and thus not divisible into mainstream art and art as a niche product.

Wasn't it rather the case that it was precisely those artists, such as the universally known Vinzent Willem van Gogh, who did not produce works for the mainstream, but who have now stood the test of time?

It is from this point of view that we should look at art and, in a special way, at our book art. In this respect, collectors would be advised to invest in "artists' books" in particular. Because, similar to the stock markets, a great return could once again emerge here.

But actually we are already at a crossroads again. With art, and especially book art, the heart should buy. The motivation for acquiring a work of art should not be the possible return that can be achieved once.

Therefore, - as a collector, stand by your feelings and then invest them for your own collection, for your own pleasure. Who wants to sell a book to which his heart is attached?

Book art is art!

Gerd J. Wunderer